Moving on with Rails

After finishing a hectic last week at my summer internship, I finally have some time. So I skimmed through the django tutorial and then started on the first page of the tutorial. Then I stopped. I thought to myself: I have an idea that I want to build; why am I stalling by learning a new framework? I felt like I wanted to “prepare” myself better by learning both Django and Rails. But I need to stop stalling, and realize that often times I need to be able to make decisions without complete information. So now I’m building something with Rails.

What is this. And Rails vs. Django

This blog is to keep me accountable in my web development journey. Excuse the brevity. 

Anyways, I spent the past few weekends going through the Rails Tutorial by Hartl. Which is actually really good, he treats you like a developer and encourages good webdev practices: his whole tutorial utilizes git, heroku, integration testing, etc.

Time to move onto Django. Which a few seemingly knowledgable people on reddit seem to think is a good idea. I think I’ll like it better, I have a stronger background in python anyways.